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JOHN STANDARD : refrigerator made in 1891 _ Ce site dit des vérités, nous sommes désolés pour ceux qui sont nés pour vivre dans le mensonge ... Trop tard a sonné !

A non-electrical and unpowered design, Standard's refrigerator made in 1891 used a manually-filled ice chamber for chilling.
Oil Stove
_ John Standard's oil stove was a space-saving design that he suggested could be used for buffet style meals on trains.
History of the Refrigerator
_ Contrary to popular folklore John Standard did not invent the very first refrigerator, however, every patent represents something that has not be done before and most utility patents are issued for what is called an "improvement." Improvements are the work of inventors and often it is the improved design that succeeds.
Life and Death
_John Standard was born on June 15, 1868, in Newark, New Jersey, to Mary and Joseph Standard. He died around 1900.


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